The Essential Collection | 40 Premium Fly Assortment
The Essential Collection | 40 Premium Fly Assortment
The Essential Collection | 40 Premium Fly Assortment
The Essential Collection | 40 Premium Fly Assortment
The Essential Collection | 40 Premium Fly Assortment
The Essential Collection | 40 Premium Fly Assortment
The Essential Collection | 40 Premium Fly Assortment
The Essential Collection | 40 Premium Fly Assortment

The Essential Collection | 40 Premium Fly Assortment

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This set has been meticulously designed by fly fishing professionals to help you smash the learning curve! The Essential Collection includes 40 of the most "essential" flies for success on the water. It also comes with a helpful fly identification card, two reusable fly cups, and a double-sided waterproof fly box!


The Essential Collection includes the following:
- 40 Premium flies (see pictures for pattern and quantity details)
- Waterproof fly box
- Fly identification card
- Two re-useable fly cups
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Professionally Picked Assortment

This foundational package, meticulously selected by fly fishing experts, is perfect for those dipping their toes into fly fishing. We promise 100% high-quality, or your money back, guaranteed.

Fish approved flies

Get your hands on the “tried-and-true”, “fish-approved” flies that have fooled even the smartest of fish. Who better to judge our flies than the fish themselves! We’ve designed this set to work on a variety of streams, lakes, and rivers as well as in different conditions, during various times of year, and among several species. You’ll finally have the flies you need to outfish your friends! 😜

Match the hatch

With the absolute beginner fly fisherman in mind, we’ve made this assortment super user friendly by providing each angler with a helpful reference card. You’ll be able to quickly understand what each fly looks like, which bugs they imitate, and when to use them. You’ll have the perfect recipe to “match the hatch” and catch tons of fish on all your adventures.

Just add water

This set contains 15 different patterns including dry flies, nymphs, terrestrials, and streamers, with sizes ranging from 8-18. They’ll work for a variety of species including trout, bass, panfish, bluegill, and more. Just add water! (For more information on the specific flies, see the “fly facts” section below).

High-quality at the right price

Don’t get stuck having to buy outrageously expensive, middleman marked up, refinance the house priced gear. We cut out the middleman and sell our products directly to anglers, creating a cost effective way to give you the equipment you need. You might even be able to show your loved ones the receipt without getting in trouble! Quality > Everything is our 100% guarantee.

No need to tie your own flies

Tying your own flies is a hobby inside of a hobby. While there is nothing more satisfying than catching a fish on a fly you’ve tied yourself, we’re providing a safe, economical, option B - without the sacrifice of quality or variety. If you haven’t found the time to tie your own flies, we have over 70 different patterns.

Behind The Design 

Let’s face it, fish are quite picky eaters and fly selection can feel like an overwhelming task! There are thousands of fly patterns to choose from, limited resources to learn from, and can be especially difficult for novice anglers with little experience.

Luckily, we’ve done the dirty work for you. We’ve painstakingly tested (in a number of conditions, locations, scenarios, and among several species) dozens of popular patterns. Through this rigorous process of elimination, we were left with 15 tried-and-true, fish-favorite patterns.

The Essential Collection covers all major bug types and more; Mayfly, Caddis, Midge, Stonefly, Terrestrials, and Streamers. Have confidence going into your next adventure that you’ve got the bases covered and will be able to match-the-hatch.

If you're new to fly fishing or need to refresh your bug-based knowledge, check out the Match-the-Hatch Section of our fly fishing guide.

Click on a section below to see the flies in each category ↓ .


Mayflies are one of the most common food sources for fish living in rivers and streams. Most species fall inside the 10 to 18 size range and are usually olive, brown, tan, or cream in color. Cup 1 has a number of adult (dry fly) imitations. Cup 2 contains emerger and nymph (sub-surface) imitations.


Many credible sources claim that midges account for 50% or more of a trout's diet. They are prevalent year-round making them a good choice during any season, even winter! Cup 1 contains an adult (dry fly) imitation. Cup 2 has a larvae/pupa (sub-surface) imitation.


Caddisflies are a very common fish food source. Most are moderate in size, ranging from 12 to 18. They are usually drab (dull light brown) in color with tan, gray, olive, and dark brown highlights. Cup 1 contains an adult (dry fly) imitation. Cup 2 has larvae/pupa (sub-surface) imitations.


Stoneflies are the T-bone steak of bugs! 😋 They can grow to be 1-3 inches long. Most range from size 6 to 12. Cup 1 contains adult (dry fly) imitations. Cup 2 has a nymph (sub-surface) imitation.


The Essential Collection also contains a few other patterns within the terrestrial (land-born bugs), stimulator, and streamer categories. Rest assured, all have been proven effective and are fish-approved!

Don't just take our word for it...

We make fly fishing easy


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Joe D.
Can't wait to get 'em wet!

Just received my first if what I am sure will be many VFC orders! Great quality and assortment (essentials 40pc) and a very nice quality case to boot. Flies come well packaged and the quick reference cards are a great addition.

Thomas P.
These feel extremely premium

Right out of the box these feel extremely premium. I put the quality up there easily with something from "bigger" brands. The variety is also very good, tons of different types of nymphs in different stages and sizes. I'm very impressed with the value and variety for the money from this box. This will definitely be a regular purchase for me. Venture if you want to sponsor an angler / cinematographer, let me know.

All you need to start

Great price and variety of flies. Some offer more flies but poor quality. Case is a plus too. Great starter package for new fly fishers!

Allen M.
Must buy some!

These flys were absolutely incredible. Held up well and very well made.

Lou D.
Great assortment. All good flies.

Perfect assortment.